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CCC Champions Co-Creative Blog S.O.P.


The Co-Creation Community Collaborative Blogs: Blogging in The Brilliant Zone and The BlogZine


Who Are theContributors:

  • The Co-Creation Community Champions


  • Have your own regular branded 'Column' in the BlogZine, with your biline


What to Contribute to The Collaborative Blog and BlogZine

  • Regular posting of articles to a branded column on The Co-Creation Community or The Co-Creation Station websites with your byline. (Your brand)


  • Short blog-post of 250 – 1500 words


  • Tie subjects to one or more of the 6 Cs of Co-Creation: Consciousness, Connection, Creativity, Communication, Congruence, Community

    • OR to your Audios, Videos, or Webcasts featured on the CCC websites and linked to your current sales funnels.


  • Keyword rich in headline, sub headline and content


  • Inward and outward bound links in content


  • Can repurpose posts from your website/blog or from the descriptions of your audio or TV/video programming posted on The Co-Creation Station or (DO ‘repurpose. DON’T copy/paste)


  • Include images &/or videos with your posts. (Be sure to use images you have copyright permission to publish. Don’t just pull them off Google images. There are sites like, where you can find free images or sites like

    or where you can purchase images with copyright to publish.

    Ask us if you need help.


Why Blog Collaboratively?

  • You only have to post one time per week or month to get the online exposure of posting multiple times per week. Of course you can always post more  for even greater exposure and create greater exposure for all of us.


  • WE will be reading your blog posts and commenting, and you will be commenting on others posts, so we collaboratively create engagement, interaction, and interest. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!


  • To be most effective for ALL, commit to reading one or two other Champions' posts (and/or listening to their podcasts and watching their videos). Comment on their posts. Share out to your own Social Media channels, with a link back to the article. This is how we expand our reach, support each other's success and success of The Co-Creation Community as a whole. And by doing this, we will be more successful, individually, too.


  • It’s integrated into everything else that you do, so is ‘multi-PURPOSE’ and on ‘purpose’ for a purpose.


Where We Blog for The Co-Creation Community




  • Put the name of your column in the Subject with BLOG and the date

    • i.e. El Primer Paso – The First Step BLOG 10.31.14


When Do We Blog?

  • Once a month or MORE. Weekly would be awesome! Allow 3 to 5 days for us to post to the websites.


  • Post BEFORE your audio or TV/video program is posted and you can mention what’s coming and reference with outward bound links people, businesses, content to support your programming


  • Post AFTER your audio or TV/video program and you can mention and link to it in your content.


  • We will be publishing a quarterly Co-Creation Community BlogZine on the ISSUU platform: ( and sending it to all CCC subscribers. We may publish an annual hard-copy version, too.


Writing an Effective Blog Post


  • Use Keywords/Phrases in content –


  • Use ‘inward bound links’ in content – these are hyperlinks to other blog posts, content, etc. existing within The Co-Creation Community website that supplement your content, add richness, credibility. Inward bound links support the community as a whole, and also give your post richness and credibility. You can have inward bound links to your own previous posts, too.


  • Use ‘outward bound links’ in content – these are hyperlinks to other websites, blogs, content outside The Co-Creation Community website. Link to your own website, The Co-Creation Station or Co-Creation Channel sites, others sites, blogs, any place that supports your content and will enrich the experience of the reader. Outward bound links support others and the connection of our site and posts drives traffic to their sites. This is a good thing, because if they are tracking their traffic, and see a lot coming from our site, they will want to be connected and support us. Reciprocity! It’s FREE to GIVE to others and we’ll get back much in return.


  • Keep it short. You really don’t need more than 250 words. It’s better to post shorter posts, more often, than posting long infrequent posts. You might want to write a long post and break it up into shorter parts to be done as a series. Remember you can, and should, include inward bound links to your previous posts, so this technique easily references what you wrote in another section on the same topic.


  • Write in a way that’s easy to read and will engage the reader. I like to write as though I’m talking to a friend. This means that sometimes the grammar and sentence structure is not perfect, as it would be if you were writing an e-book or a dissertation. That’s OK. If that drives you nuts, though, write in  a way that makes YOU feel good. That energy will transfer through to your readers.


  • You may want to submit poetry, stories, even your artwork and a description of why you created the piece.


  • ASK for feedback, comments, interaction. Have a CTA. Pose a question to make people think. Encourage responses.


  • Comment on the comments you get. Try to engage in conversation and get a buzz going. At the minimum, thank the commenters for their contribution.


Stumped on What to Blog About?


  • Post on the Forum and ask for help and inspiration. WE are there to support you!




(download the Cheatsheet – good info)



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