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Think With Purpose

Facilitated by Celia Gates, founder of The Global Brainstorm and the author of Energizing Fresh Thinking and From Brainwave to Business

You are invited to
to burst out of the box
with your
Come up with
you are having
in your LIFE, your BUSINESS, or your CREATIVE ENDEAVOR. 

Using the Whether System™

During this session you will:

  • Disrupt your habitual thinking to give yourself fresh perspective.

  • Better understand how your conscious thinking works.

  • Connect your conscious to what really matters to you.

  • Condition your thinking to better support you.

  • Rapidly develop and accelerate your progress as a result.

  • Wake up, with energy, committed to your true purpose.

  • Feel clarity, peace of mind and direction .


You will end this session:

  • Having used new thinking tools you can reapply to any aspect of your work and life.

  • Having advanced your critical and creative thinking skills.

  • With higher-order communication and collaboration skills.

  • With a map you’ll create of your current situation.

  • With a set of directions to energize your actions.


According to those who've Energized Fresh Thinking with the Whether System™:

  • You’ll also feel like your brain has been given a deep-muscle massage.

  • You’ll be buzzing with ideas having overcome inherent fears.

  • You may even feel as if you’re suddenly thinking more intelligently.

  • Certainly, you’ll have looked at your situation differently and this can spark innovative insight or change your life entirely, in a single ahHA moment; your pause for thought.


Join us to discover more!

  • Happiness Wheels – as content quantifiers and augmenters

  • Success Cycles – as progress monitors and accelerators

  • Whether System™ - as decision designers and engagers


Think With Purpose is facilitated by Celia Gates, the creator of the Whether System™ – a powerful lateral thinking tool designed to deliver innovative answers fast. Celia is the founder of The Global Brainstorm and the author of Energizing Fresh Thinking and From Brainwave to Business, published as part of the Financial Times Series. It was shortlisted by the Chartered Management Institute for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship book of the year.  An award-winning designer and former European Inventor of the Year, her fresh and fun way to think critically and creatively is bringing ‘bonheur’ to business around the world.

Check out the website for even more information about the Whether System.

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Yes! Sign me up for Mastermind In the Brilliant Zone™ ~ Think With Purpose

Wednesday, April 14th

10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. PDT on Zoom

$47  Your seat at the Brainstorming Table

Energizingg fresh thinking ebook.png

$57 with Energizing Fresh Thinking eBook

Energizing Fresh thinking book.png

$67(plus shipping) with Energizing Fresh Thinking book

FREE for Posting With Purpose PlayShop Members. CLICK HERE to REGISTER

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