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Christy’s Website, and where to find her children’s book “Sereya’s Superpower”, her Art, Clothing, Pillows, Blogs and More:



Other Synesthetes from Presentation:



LOTS of information about Synesthesia:



Information about Synesthesia, including a contact to join The Synesthesia List if you are a Synesthete:



A great, short book on Synesthesia:

Books about Color — Susan's Book List (I have more, or if you want more information about anything in these books, let me know at

"The Secret Lives of Colour" by Kassia St Clair (This book will especially interest writers/authors and is a fascinating history of color with stories about color and societies, culture, and politics.)

A short video with Kassia St Clair reading from the book:

"In My Room" by Anthony Torrice & Ro Logrippo—this book is out of print, but this one is an updated version:

"In My World: Designing Living and Learning Environments for the Young" by Ro Logrippo

Color and Light: Luminous Atmospheres for Painted Rooms  by Donald Kaufman
(All of Donald Kaufman's books are great. He is the color theorist behind "full spectrum color.")

Living Color ~ Master Lin Yun's Guide to Feng Shui and the Art of Color by Sarah Rossbach & Lin Yun

"Color & Human Response: Aspects of light and color bearing on the reactions of living things and the welfare of human beings"  by Faber Birren

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