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Creativity, Connection, Cosmos and Meaning

The highlight of this week was Meeting fine artist Trudy Myrrh Reagan in her studio in Palo Alto, California. She has been exploring the connections of science, technology, metaphysics, humanity, and art for almost 50 years. I continue to be in awe and humbled by the cosmic connection we call life and the human soul expression we call art.

I've been hanging out with artists my whole life. I'm not talking about technicians, though these artists have all been masters of their media and technique. I've come to realize and really appreciate, the difference between technicians, production/products, and fine art. With fine art, there is always something deeper, a level of consciousness, a connection between that consciousness and the expression that comes out as the artwork. This is the essence of creativity. When we have the opportunity to experience this - either through conversation with artists, viewing and sensually experiencing their creations, or through experiencing the magic of creating, ourselves, we know we are in the presence of something cosmic - universally holistic, and perhaps even Divinely connected.

So often, especially in the society and culture in which I've lived, there seems to be a disconnect between science and the humanities. Though, as I learned from one of my earliest mentors, the humanities reflect the culture and society of the times, and everything is connected: science, literature, art, architecture, fashion, cuisine - everything.

Visiting the artist, Myrrh's studio and spending a few hours with her, reminded me of the importance of nurturing and supporting artists, their gifts to the world, and the humanities as a whole. We must all be the stewards of their creations, and in doing this we also connect to that cosmic consciousness, the soul expression that is so much bigger than just us, alone. And we all WIN - our lives are enhanced beyond measure!

And this just lights me up - one way of going from 'Me' into 'We'!

Co-Create, Communicate, IGNITE Change!

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