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CoCreative Blogging in the Brilliant Zone

In revitalizing The Co-Creation Community in 2019, it is our desire to make this blog feature of the website a place for Champions to share their Stories and contribute thoughts about living in a CoCreative world, where the 6-C's of Co-Creation are first and foremost in their lives and work. WE want this COMMUNICATION to act as inspiration for your life.

Check out all the categories in our new Blog, and do it often! If you are inspired to be a contributor to "Blogging in the Brilliant Zone", just let us know. Contact Susan at to get all the details about becoming a contributor. Don't hesitate to comment and share your own Stories, too. And share our posts in Social Media to spread ALL the GOOD WORDS we are writing, recording, videoing, CREATING! CoCreate . . .Communicate . . . IGNITE Change, TOGETHER!


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