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. . . More about our Catalysts

Catalysts love to work, learn, and grow in a collaborative, co-creative, supportive community.


Some are new entrepreneurs and some are seasoned business people who see the Internet as an important option for strategically positioning their businesses, but don’t yet have a multi-media platform in place, or want to expand what they presently have, and are willing to share expertise to help others succeed.


Catalysts are creative experts who want to focus on their expertise and not worry about the tech to produce a professional caliber product.


They are Creatives who enjoy the collaborative ‘mastermind’ process and see the value of a facilitated peer advisory group brainstorming new possibilities, providing feedback and accountability structures to stay focused and on track; Creators who are open-minded, inclusive, respectful, authentic, ethical, empathetic, committed, givers, and doers.


Catalysts are Purpose-driven; have a message to make a difference and effect positive change. They are positive and playful; enjoy the process so ‘work’ becomes ‘play’ and are excited by possibilities of an integrated multi-dimensional approach to sharing their message – audio, video, TV, blogging, music, the arts, education, e-commerce, and philanthropy.




Youth Catalyst Programs

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world."


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