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 What We Do 


We offer opportunities to enhance your business and your life with our Co-Creation Community  Programs.

Click on each that interest you for more information. 

One-to-One Consultations and Mentoring

Strategic Planning for Your Biz

  • Articulating Your Message

  • Target Market Analysis

  • Copy Writing

  • Branding

  • Social Media & Online Marketing Strategy

  • S.M.A.R.T & S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goal Setting

  • Creating a Business/Organization Framework                                      


Champion Website Development

  • Own Your Own Web Presence

  • Blog

  • Store

  • Content Development and Copy Writing (You own the Copyright)

  • Social Media Integration

  • Branding and Marketing Guidance                                   

Champion Editing

Professional Book Editing

  • Fiction or Non-Fiction

  • Line Editing

  • Developmental Editing

  • Proof Reading                              


Posting With Purpose/Boomer Zoomer MeetUps

  • Online

  • CoCreative/Interactive

  • FREE                                                      

Posting With Purpose PlayShop ~ Go From TIRED to INSPIRED with Your Online and Social Media Presence and have FUN!

(Created especially for Chronologically Gifted Creatives)

  • Online

  • CoCreative/Interactive

  • Membership Site and Private Facebook Group                                                     

Mastermind in the Brilliant Zone™

  • Online on Zoom

  • CoCreative/Interactive

  • 3-Hour Workshops

  • Unique Experiences                                                  

What Others Are Saying

SUCCESS With '9 Steps to Marketing Success'

“Susan guided me through her '9 Steps to Marketing Success' and made the process not just painless, but fun! I just love the way she helps me understand what to say and how to say it - all coming from WHY I do what I do. She really understands me and my vision. She helped me to clarify where I want to take my business and continues to support me with strategies to get there. She has helped me turn my dreams into words, a message, and a brand that is attracting just the right clients.” -- Madlen Saddik, Saddik Travel

   Walking the Talk

“You do walk your talk at every level. You are one who carries energy forward and are the most supportive person I've ever met and it's always for the good of the whole.” -- Ken Christian, CEO & Founder, Max Potentials & Max Potential Project

Youth Catalysts

  • Giving 'Voice' and Building Youth for Their Future

  • Self-Building

  • Biz-Building

  • Success-Building                                              

   The Brilliant Zone™ Mastermind
  • Workshops  for Your TEAMS

  • Online and In-Person                                                              

Co-Creation Community Champions' Programs

  • Our Champions are Leaders of Leaders. Each have years of experience and special expertise to help you on your way.



Public Speaking/Presentations

  • Short Motivational Talks

  • Guest on Your Podcast

  • Interactive Experiences

  • Platform Speaking

  • Keynotes                                               


“Susan sets herself apart from most in that she genuinely cares about her clients and audience, and the end result they are looking for. Constantly learning and gaining expertise in her field, Susan looks beyond what is already done and strives to achieve what had not even been known. She is extremely dedicated and committed to her passion and wants to add value to others in every relationship.” -- Barry Smith, Building What Matters

"None of us is as smart as all of us. …the problems we face are too complex to be solved by any one person or any one discipline. Our only chance is to bring people together from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines who can refract a problem through the prism of complementary minds allied in common purpose.”

                                                                   Warren Bennis, The Secrets of Great Groups

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