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Let's Get Started Developing Your Website4 Easy Steps   


The first step is to schedule an online meeting or a phone call. We want some time, usually forty-five minutes to an hour, to get to know you. We will listen to you describe your work, your needs for a website, and your plans for your business. We will also briefly explain our website development process. 

After this meeting, we will email you a Proposal/Agreement. 

This document outlines our scope of services, expectations, the timeline for the project, and our fees. It serves as the professional contract to work with us. 


When the Proposal/Agreement is signed, we will set up a shared Google Drive file and send you our Website Design Questionnaire to fill out and return to us, either by email or by dropping it into the shared Google Drive fileThis questionnaire is a starting point to see how you're set for branding and content for your website. Some of the information may be brand new to you but don't worry, we'll be creating and developing anything that's missing in the beginning. Most of our clients take about two weeks to fill out the questionnaire.


YOUR website Development BEGINS! 


One Page Websites/Digital Biz Cards.   

* Custom Branded Design with links to all your social media, blogs, sales platforms

* Custom Domain Registration for 1 yr.
($15 value)

* Premium Wix Website Platform Hosting for 1 yr.
($175 value)

* Backend CRM and site management with personalized one-hour How-to-Use Training ($150 value)

* Basic ADA accessibility and SEO

Fee: $895 

Full Multi-Page Websites

* Custom Branded Design and Marketing Strategy guidance Site to include:
      1. Landing Page/Home Page

      2. About Page
      3. Services
      4. Contact Page
      6. Other pages to be determined (Blog, Testimonials, Resources, Payment Gateway, Shop, etc.)


  *Custom Domain Registration for 1 yr. including Private Registration to Prevent spam and junk            mail, guard your domain from hijackers, protect against identity theft ($25 value)

  * Premium Website Platform Hosting for 1 yr—Wix Unlimited Business Plan includes:
    Complete e-commerce platform to build, manage, scale your business Secure online payments


  *Plans & recurring payment options Customer accounts set-up and management

   *35GB Storage space


   *10 Video hours $300 ad vouchers ($282 value)


   * Basic ADA accessibility and SEO

* Custom Branded Digital Signature for your email ($300 Value)

* Backend CRM and site management with personalized Two-hour How-to-Use Training— Recorded so you can refer to it later. ($300 Value)

Fee: $3,900

Optional Services We ProvideWhat Do YOU Need?


Copywriting, Editing, Content Creation

Not everyone is a writer. If you need help with the written content on your site, beyond the basics, we can help you. Good copy is important to enchant and attract the exact audience who will gladly pay for the value you give. Basic proofreading and correction of spelling, grammar, and punctuation is part of what we do with all of your copy and content and is included in our basic website development fee, but some people need more help. If your copywriting skills need help, and you need enchanting content for your website, we can provide it for an additional fee.


Fee: $95 per hour

Graphic Design 

If you need a logo or other graphic images created or marketing materials like speaker-sheets, brochures, rack-cards, posters, etc., we'd be glad to help.


Fee: $95 per hour

Social Media Accounts Branded to Your Website

Your online presence will have the most impact if your social media accounts are branded to your website. We will gladly set up the covers and copy for you, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other you wish.


Fee: $100 per social media account (includes graphics, copy, links to your website, and even the first few social media posts)

Creative Audio and Video Production 

Having a multi-media website and online presence communicates best to the largest audience. Not everyone has audio and video expertise, but we do! We can create simple to not-so-simple engaging multi-media pieces for your website and social media presence.

Fee: $95 per hour

Training for Managing Your Website

You want to be in control,  and we can give you the training to put you in the driver's seat for managing your back-office, blog, store, or any part of your site you wish to control. Some of this training is included in our basic Website Development fee, but for extra hands-on, one-to-one training specific to your needs, the following fees apply:

Fee: $95 per hour

Website Maintenance

Your website is organic. It needs to be updated and current. We recommend a quarterly or annual check-up to make sure everything is functioning and looking the way you want.


Fees: $800/annual update
        $250/quarterly updates

        $150/monthly updates

Social Media Management

You may not like spending time on social media but realize how important it is to the success of your business or online presence. Don't worry! We have a solution! You can have us do it for you, and we can even develop a social media strategy where your blog becomes the content for a multi-platform social media presence that drives traffic to your website. 

Fee:  $600/mo. for creation of three posts to two platforms per week.


Strategic Marketing Planning

Do you have a written marketing plan for your business, organization, or creative idea?

Any business or organization, whether a small solo-entrepreneurial enterprise, a non-profit, an artist, a coach, a mid-size business with employees, or a large corporation, needs a strategic marketing plan to grow and succeed–but very few business owners have actually developed their own written strategy to which they refer regularly to see if they are on track on the road to success.


Your Marketing Plan is your GPS or your map to follow. How comforting is it to get into your car, tell your GPS navigator where you want to go, and know you will get there?


You can do the same with your business. Susan M. Davis has developed a 9-step process to guide you in mapping the course for YOUR OWN business, organization, or brilliant creative idea. She's been helping clients develop strategic marketing plans since 2011.

Fees: One to one, individual strategic marketing planning is a long-term relationship, and it's an investment of both time and money. Our service includes comprehensive branding and business development and a written strategic marketing plan with actionable quarterly goals.

We'd LOVE to work with you one-to-one. Contact us to discuss how this works.

Aren't ready for one-to-one strategic marketing planning?

You may be interested in our 9-Steps to Marketing Success PlayShop, held online, or in-person. Click the button to learn more about our workshops.






Be sure to download our free e-book, Posting With Purpose, for lots of helpful resources for your website, marketing, and social media presence, along with an overview of the 

9-Steps to Marketing Success.

**  For Special CoCreation Community Champion VIP pricing, click here

      Payment plans are available for all services we provide.


We want to "Co-Create, Communicate, and IGNITE Change" with YOU, and we are always open to new and different collaborative ways to work together so that it's a Win-Win-Win opportunity for us all.


Contact us with your creative ideas

or to hear about some of ours. 

WE want YOUR WEBSITE to be a WINNER!  









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