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Brainstorming Masterminding


The Whether System™ Brainstorms

Energize fast thinking, creativity, and decision making by brainstorming with a Whether Forecast™. You will frame points of view from 7 different perspectives derived from metaphors of the weather. This FUN and interactive system was developed by Celia Gates in the U.K. and is used internationally to create fresh thinking in organizations, corporations, entrepreneurial businesses, and with individuals wanting to LEVEL - UP their creativity and innovative thinking.

  • Contact Susan for more information and to arrange a session for your team, organization, or even yourself. You'll be amazed at how "Fresh Thinking" can open doors to innovation, solve problems, define your goals, and move you forward in so many ways. It's like playing a game, too!

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Facilitated Brainstorming


The Whether Forecasting System™


Is your organization, business, team STUCK, or needing to LEVEL - UP your game?

Do you need to have some FRESH THINKING around a specific problem or obstacle to your success?


Would you like a TEAM - BUILDING experience, while you CO-CREATE ?

Not to worry. We've got exactly what you've been looking for!









Go from TIRED (overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck) to INSPIRED with

Facilitated Brainstorming Using

The Whether System™


It’s FUN !               

             It’s Co-Creative !
                                  It’s  F R E S H !


Now on Zoom!

WE are Covid-Creative


Positively Pivoting! 

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