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Let's Get Started Editing Your Book5 Easy Steps   


To begin working with new authors, we require you to send us ten pages of your manuscript, double spaced, 12 pt font, in MS Word format.

We will review your material to better understand how we can help you. We provide a full professional edit of the sample. This way you will have an idea of how we edit and can make a decision about whether or not to work with us.

The next step is to schedule an online meeting or a phone call. We want some time, usually forty-five minutes to an hour, so we can get to know each other. We will listen to you describe your work, your needs for editing, and your plans for publication. We will also briefly explain our editing process. 


After this meeting, we will email you a Proposal/Agreement. 

This document outlines our scope of services, expectations, the timeline for the project, and our fees.  It serves as the professional contract to work with us. 


When the Proposal/Agreement is signed, we will schedule another meeting preferably on Zoom. We will share our screen with you and go over the MS Word editing program we use, so you will be comfortable using it for our collaboration.


Editing BEGINS! 

You will email us the number of chapters of your manuscript we have requested, and we get to work! 


Editing Services We ProvideWhat Do YOU Need?



Proofreading is the simplest form of editing. You can expect spelling and simple grammatical errors to be corrected.


Fee: three cents per word



Line Editing

A level up from proofreading, this level of editing will catch flaws in logic or flow, character inconsistencies, point-of-view issues, structural issues, etc.


Fee: five cents per word



Developmental Editing 

This level of editing ensures both proofreading and line editing are done, plus we take on issues such as pace and narrative stagnation, character development, stilted dialog, and much more. Chapters may be reorganized, sections may be cut, or you may be asked to expand in some areas. Suggested rewrites are made where appropriate. (All changes are always subject to your  approval.)

A preliminary reading is done, then the full manuscript is edited twice. The final review of the manuscript is done after you have made changes, which means your manuscript is reviewed four times in the Developmental Editing process.

Fee: six cents per word

Book Interior Design/Formatting

Now that your manuscript is edited, and you are ready to publish, it's time to make it look like a book. We can design and format the interior, create your book cover, and provide the correct file formats for both eBooks and books in print. 

We will make your fiction, non-fiction, short books, and eBooks look professional, resulting in more potential sales for you. 

Fee: $300 to $1,000


We will give you a price quote after reviewing your manuscript and after our initial meeting. 

We want to "Co-Create, Communicate, and IGNITE Change" with YOU, and we are always open to new and different collaborative ways to work together so that it's a Win-Win-Win opportunity for us all.


Contact us with your creative ideas

or to hear about some of ours. 

WE want YOUR book to be a WINNER!  









Get In Touch

Thanks for getting in touch about editing your book!!






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