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Champion Referral Partner Program


If you enjoy your experience in The CoCreation Community programs and/or benefit from our services, we invite you to join our

Champion Referral Partner Program. 

By partnering with us, you create a passive income stream that may earn you a little or a lot of residual income.


Commissions range from 10% to 25% on products/services, group programs, advanced programs, information, or tangible products.

The sky's the limit! 

What It Means To Become A Champion Referral Partner
A Champion Referral Partner is someone who values the work The CoCreation Community is doing to ignite positive change by working together collaboratively.


A Champion Referral Partner believes in Creatives (artists, authors, coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents), playing together to ignite their Creative Muse and creating a presence for their creative expressionschanging the world through CoCreation.

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They believe “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and with CoCreation, EVERYONE WINS!

susan presenting at salon.HEIC

We provide you with banners, email text, newsletter content, free online Zoom programs, incentive products, and product/program links. Becoming a Champion Referral Partner means that you are welcome to place links on your website directing users to our website.

When you’re a Champion Referral Partner, we pay you for every purchase  a visitor makes directed from your site or post.

Champion Referral Partners often partner with The CoCreation Community and Susan M. Davis to promote programs, and events and invite people to attend. Let us know if this is something you’d like to do. We have lots of ideas and experience with this, and we are always open to your ideas and new ways of CoCreative promotion.


We supply you with content to promote our programs and events, and Susan is also available to be a  guest on a podcast, Zoom meeting, or speaking event to introduce The CoCreation Community to your community.

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The easiest way, ever, to earn generous commissions is to simply REFER someone  with an email or Messenger introduction, and WE do everything else—you don't have to SELL ANYTHING! 
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We love our referral partners and you can be sure if someone contacts us to ask questions and

signs up for a program or service, we always make sure to find out who sent them.

We believe that bigger is definitely better when it comes to the commissions we send to you.

There is no cost to you to become a Champion Referral Partner.

Here's How It Works


Savvy Sally posts something on Facebook or in her newsletter about one of our workshops or another program or service she’s benefitted from. Her post includes an invitation for others to try it out. (If she’s really savvy, the post may also include her custom tracking link.)


Wonderful Wanda, Savvy Sally’s BFF (who knows, likes, and trusts Sally), thinks the workshop sounds great; it's just what she's looking for. She decides to sign up, too, using the special custom tracking link, or she tells us how she heard about The CoCreation Community.


When she signs up, Wonderful Wanda gets a special surprise gift, along with her purchase, and Savvy Sally gets a commission!

The custom tracking link tracks the referral back to Savvy Sally. It is logged permanently in the CCC system, so EVERY TIME Wonderful Wanda signs up for something new with the CCC (let’s say she decides to have her website built by The CoCreation Community~Champion Website Development) Savvy Sally gets another generous commission!
There is NO LIMIT to how many commissions a Champion Referral Partner receives, and no time limit, either! As long as a CoCreation Community client stays a client, and participates in new programs and services,
the Champion Referral Partner receives commissions!
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If you want to be a Champion Referral Partner
and get a custom tracking link to track commissions back to you,
Let us know—

Wonderful! We'll be in touch right away!

Depending on the program or product, you will earn a 10% to 25% commission for direct referrals. 

Remember: Commissions are paid for the LIFE of the client you refer,

on every program or service they choose to participate in. 

Let us pay you commissions on your referrals for years to come.

Champion Referral Partner Criteria

We are looking for referral partners who are a good match for us:

Positive, service-oriented Creatives who operate with integrity and want to uplift the lives of others and who see the tremendous value The CoCreation Community brings to all those who participate.

We make it easy-peasy for you to earn generous commissions for LIFE!

If you have questions or would like to discuss any promotional ideas click here to book a Discovery Call. 

Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”
John Wesley, Letters of John Wesley
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The CoCreation Community
Founding Champion & Mentor
Boomer Boho/Artist,
CoCreation Outlier 
Silicon Valley Escapee
StoryCatcher channeling
Guy Kawasaki and Terry Gross
for decades . . . 

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