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Do you freeze up when asked to write about yourself and why you do what you do?


You aren’t alone!


These days everyone needs to write bios, statements, and short blurbs for something—social media, book covers and listings, applications, gallery shows, competitions—the requests are endless.


You may think this is easy-peasy, and fire them off in a flash. But are you writing what’s needed for the specific purpose you’re intending?


What we're seeing and hearing from Creatives of all sorts—gallery owners, marketers, book publishers, and on social media—mostly, NOT!


You know that within the first three seconds of meeting someone, they form opinions that affect your success. It’s the same with the artist statements, bios, and blurbs you write: the first 30 words can make a huge difference, and the last thing you want to do is write a 1000-word book!


Wouldn't it be handy to have templates to make writing personalized artist statements and bios a breeze?


This digital workbook + video is the answer to your problems of Creative's Writers Block. It has templates and resources you can use over and over. Print it off at home, and you can write in it with a pen or pencil, or use the digital version for reminders and prompts for writing with your computer. 


“Writing Creatives’ Statements, Bios, Blurbs: Communicating Your Creative Purpose” with templates and resources will be your best friend.


It's only $19.97 and includes a recording of an hour-long workshop guiding you through the workbook. 


Interested in the 2023 Mastermind in the Brilliant Zone Get-It-Done, Online Workshop on this topic?

Click here to get on the list for early-bird registration.

Writing Artist's Statements, Bios, Blurbs:

Communicating Your Creative Purpose WORKBOOK

Workbook Cover.png


Digital Download
includes Workbook pdf plus Video

You will receive the link to download the Workbook + Video after paying. 

Any problems, please email

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