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Expand Your Passion~Elevate Your Creative Expression

Co-Facilitated by Susan M. Davis, Founding Champion of The CoCreation Community 
Betty Louise, Coach, Author, Facilitator
Co-Founders  & Executive Producers of
Voices of Our Story ~ Shifting Perceptions & Bridging Divides

What if you could clarify your passion, and even expand it WAY outside-the-box?

What if you could ignite your creativity and push the limits of your creative expression to new levels? 

What if you could take home tools every week that you could use for a lifetime? 

This is what we have planned for you in the
Expand Your Passion ~ Elevate Your Creative Expression Workshop


Week  One


  • Working with the right mindset

  • How to stay open when the doubts come (Imposter Syndrome)

  • Staying in the game (other obstacles and tools to   overcome them)

Week Two


  • Clearly articulating your passion

  • Vision/Mission/Message/Audience

Week three


  • What are the Possibilities?  What is multi-media?

  • Your Passion Goals

  • Creating a Plan

  • Bringing on the Team

Week Four


  • YOUR Evolving Story

  • Loveseat for Q&A and individual brainstorming/masterminding ideas/feedback

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to manage your Mindset so you'll remove all barriers to exploding your passions and creativity

  • Discover how you can turn "competition" into CoCreation

  • Get expert guidance with putting your passion into words that will resonate with your audience

  • Expand the possibilities and ways you express your passion and purpose

  • Discover some new and FUN planning and goal-setting tools

  • Wake up, with energy, committed to your true purpose and creative expression

  • Feel clarity, peace of mind, and direction

  • Have FUN and Play with some awesome Creatives, just like YOU!


As part of the workshop you will get:

  • The Creatives'Journal/Workbook —to keep you on track during and after the workshop

  • Weekly Guided Creative Experience Videos—to use over and over, again

  • Love Seat opportunities to get high-level coaching and masterminding

  • Connections with amazing Creatives with whom you'll want to continue collaborating for years to come


Join us to discover exactly how to Expand Your Passions and

Elevate Your Creative Expressions!

Susan M. Davis and Betty Louise have been Co-Facilitating for years. They are the Co-Founders and Co-Executive Producers of  Voices of Our Story ~ Shifting Perceptions & Bridging Divides, a philanthropic project now in its 7th year. 

Betty Louise has been leading one-to-one and group coaching sessions since she became a Master Trainer at Stanford University over 30 years ago. She now supports women with chronic pain who doubt their own body wisdom. She helps them alleviate pain through a prescription for pleasure. 

Susan M. Davis mentors women Creatives over 55 and helps them develop an online presence so that their creative endeavor, or purposeful business is seen, and their voices heard, resulting in more visibility, influence, and abundance flowing to them.

Together, they are The Co-Pros and have co-created an exceptional workshop just for YOU!

Yes! Sign me up for Mastermind In the Brilliant Zone™ Workshop
I want to Expand My Passion ~ Elevate My Creative Expression

Four Tuesdays in June
Beginning June 7th

11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PDT on Zoom

$127  Your seat in the Brilliant Zone

$100 for CoCreation Community VIP Champions

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