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WHO needs a Professional Editor? 


Are you a writer with a completed work of fiction or non-fiction, getting ready to publish?

Having an experienced "second set of eyes" on your manuscript will 

make your brilliant work even better!

Are you a published author with a book that's not selling?

Having a Professional Editor work with you to scout out parts of your book that are not great, and rework them with you to be FANTASTIC, will maximize sales on a relaunch.


Are you a writer with a unique "Voice" you absolutely want to preserve, but you know you might need help with those pesky writing conventions like punctuation, grammar, diction, syntax, or even the overall flow of your story?

Having an editor committed to preserving your unique voice and story, whose expertise will support you in areas of weakness, will

make your Voice heard and your Story have the impact it deserves.  







WHAT does a Professional Editor DO?

  • Work collaboratively with you using a proven system to track manuscript changes so you can see suggestions and then accept or reject those changes


  • Communicate clearly and recommend changes that will improve structure and organization of sentences

  • Look at the big-picture of your book in regards to theme and framework and provide suggestions for revision if progression is unclear or momentum lacking


  • Revise text to improve clarity and readabilitysuggest, but not incorporate unless you, the author, agree


  • Have a commitment to maintaining your unique voice


  • Keep an eye on the overall flow and momentumwe want your readers to be unable to put the book down until the last word on the last page! 


  • Edit for redundancies, inconsistencies, and unnecessary language


  • Provide sharp attention to the detail of language editing—grammar, usage, diction, syntax (and maintaining eccentricities of such which are intrinsic to the story)


  • For fiction: reviewing character development and consistency

  • Assist with structuredivide each chapter into specific and relatable sections, if needed; reformatting existing divisions, if needed


  • Increase readability and flow—monitor the chapters and sub-sections to ensure connectivity and related content development to prevent disjointed concepts for nonfiction and/or story flow and plot for fiction


  • Make sure you're communicating your story or message clearly—note any inconsistencies, incomplete explanations, or potential areas of confusion 


  • Keep an eye out for point-of-view consistency and effectiveness

  • Ensure consistent author style


  • .Coordinate parts of the manuscriptcross-references, story frame

Click the button to discover the next steps to take your book to the next level and Co-Create with Champion Editing! 


WHY work with Champion Editing?


We are committed to co-creatingwe work closely with you, developing and nurturing a long and strong relationship, so we can understand what you are burning to say.


We believe"the whole is greater the sum of its parts"by lending our gifts to your writing and your book, we know the whole will be the very best it can be. We work as your partner, and we want to be just as proud of your book as you will be upon its publication.


We always remember this is your messageour job is to assure it is clear to the reader and always in your Voice

“I had the great privilege of collaborating with Susan M. Davis with my first book, Grandma Gjertrud´s Bedtime Stories. I planned to participate in a writers’ competition, and I was short of time. Thanks to Susan´s excellent and efficient editing skills–and the fact that I live in Europe and my time zone is 9 hours ahead of her´s–I could write all day, email my text in the evening, and wake up next morning greeted by Susan´s edited version. Getting her feedback was utter joy. She has this wonderful blend of thorough knowledge of the American language mixed with enough sensitivity to be able to hear and respect the genius that makes up a writer’s personal voice. Thanks to her support and advice, I was able to have faith in my own capacity

and ability to express my vision of this book and create a total manuscript within the timeframe of the competition.

As many authors experience, I did not win this first competition, but with a manuscript edited and ready, I was able to get a contract with a publisher. All publishers have their own editors, and so also with mine, but by the time the publisher got my manuscript, there was not much to change. Even today, I feel the important co-creational process when collaborating with Susan was so important to me, I have chosen to work with her again upon writing my new book. 

For anyone looking for an editor to help birth their book idea, I can highly recommend Susan M Davis´s editing services.” 

Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen, Author

Grandma Gjertrud's Bedtime Stories–Nurturing the Child Within


HOW and WHERE do WE work ?


This just may be the BEST PART of working with us addressing  the current needs of surviving and thriving in the trying times of Covid-19.


We enjoy a"location-independent lifestyle" and utilize the technology at our fingertipsyou don't have to leave your home or travel to meet with us. We communicate with you online, using Zoom, email, phone or What's App, and the Microsoft Office and Google Drive platforms.


Don't worry if you don't know how to use the techwe teach you and guide you through the process so it's easy and fun.  




"Dana Greyson & Susan Davis make a great team for editing books. They know the ins and outs and were there to help me from beginning to end.  They came up with several suggestions and saw things that I had not noticed.  They went the extra mile. 

Thank you, Dana & Susan!"

~ J.R. Armstrong

Two-Time Gold Winner: ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award, 1st Place: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award; Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Award and Indie Excellence Book Award

WHEN do WE get started? 


We're glad this sounds good to YOU!Click the button to discover the next steps to take your book to the next level and Co-Create with Champion Editing! 


Co-Create . . . Communicate . . . IGNITE Change! 

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