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  “Susan sets herself apart from most in that she genuinely cares about her clients and audience, and the end result they are looking for. Constantly learning and gaining expertise in her field, Susan looks beyond what is already done and strives to achieve what had not even been known. She is extremely dedicated and committed to her passion and wants to add value to others in every relationship.” --

- Barry Smith, Building What Matters

“Susan guided me through her '9 Steps to Marketing Success' and made the process not just painless, but fun! I just love the way she helps me understand what to say and how to say it - all coming from WHY I do what I do. She really understands me and my vision. She helped me to clarify where I want to take my business and continues to support me with strategies to get there. She has helped me turn my dreams into words, a message, and a brand that is attracting just the right clients.”

"I am not surprised that Susan Davis founded the Co-Creation Community. I've worked with her for over a decade on a variety of projects and she's always been the one who has brought people together to work towards a common goal. She never demands the center of attention! Susan is a quiet leader and a great 'teacher' who makes sure all involved have the opportunity to contribute and share their talents. She knows that there is success when everyone is allowed to shine.”

-Jodi Murphy, New Media Editor, Public Relations, Social Media Manager at Geek Club Books

 "I am each and every time amazed by Susan's sensibility and her deep desire to support the global community with sustainable projects and programs to improve through personal development life of the collective as a whole. She is with no doubt a consistent leader, knowing where she drives her programs, imprinting them with her artistic touch with Purpose and Passion to achieve not just her success, but also the community success as well. She lives in the Brilliant Zone where you are always able to connect with her!"

-- Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, Tools for L.I.F.E., La Paz, Bolivia

“You do walk your talk at every level. You are one who carries energy forward and are the most supportive person I've ever met and it's always for the good of the whole.”

-- Ken Christian, CEO & Founder, Max Potentials & Max Potential Project

"In the hundreds of radio interviews I've done, Susan probably takes the prize for most work ahead of time. Not only did she actually read my book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (and become one of its biggest champions), but she also prescreened me, laid out the questions she planned to ask, got a rough idea of how I'd answer, and went back and forth a few times making sure she had all the ducks nicely lined up. But she is not only meticulous and an excellent researcher; she's also a warm and gracious and interactive radio host who is deeply committed to making business (and the world) more sustainable. Not surprisingly after all the work she did, the show was terrific."


-- Madlen Saddik,
Saddik Travel
- Shel Horowitz, Green and Profitable

"I've been lucky enough to work twice with Susan on TV interviews, and she was superb--consumately professional and yet warm and open--insightful yet personable--energetic and task-oriented yet accepting. I was especially impressed by certain specific suggestions she made, one of which improved our project immensely--and the others all made it better. I also love the whole feel of her Co-Creation Community, and the holistic approach she and her colleagues take, whereby business, values, and creativity work together like one big happy family!"

-Tim J. Meyers, Glad to Be Dad- A Call to Fatherhood

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