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Looky what's happening! Lots of good stuff to help you be a better Connector and experience SUCCESS!

MamaRed Knight



FREE eBook you don't want to miss!


21 Do-Able Ways to Boost Your Profits

and Reach More People

With Bite-Size Bits of Content

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Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
Your #1 Online E-Learning Academy

In English and in Spanish

Tutoring, Coaching, Teaching;
Tutoria, Entrenamiento, Educacion
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Kelsey Phillip Payne
Compassionate Life Path Coaching
Helping Compassionate Leaders Discover their Destiny                              and Serve the Whole of Life
Begin the journey on your true compassionate leadership Life Path today by signing up now for a free Live Your Life On Purpose session! Once you sign up, you’ll also receive a free gift, The 3 Keys for Conscious Leaders to Discover their Life Path -- so seize the day and let's get started!
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Coach Betty Louise
Cultivating Pleasure
Healing With Pleasure Medicine by Betty Louise


Receive 20 tips to immediate pleasure


Bonus gift of 3-part video series:

PAUSING for Pleasure 


Who couldn't use some more PLEASURE?

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" I believe this course can affect your life and the life of your loved ones in a positive way. I am doing my best to bring you what I needed so much when I went through this - and I am listening if you need me to research something you think I've missed."

Caesi Bevis
Family Crisis Planning & Training

 "If you travel with work, OR live overseas or out-of-area from family, this course is meant for you! If you own real estate in multiple states / provinces and / or countries, this course is meant for you."

June 16, 2014 - December 16, 2015

SELF-PACED TRAINING: 1 Year + BONUS 6 MOS. * (The 6 month bonus is during our "ramp up" period while we are loading essential information into our library. This bonus may not exist in upcoming class offerings.)

Course modules are "time released"  - you start when you enrol. Alumni Support and Continuing Education follows the course. 







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