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Mindful Parenting

On Thursday we taped next month's show for The Better Part featuring Tim J. Myers, author of 'Glad to Be Dad - A Call to Fatherhood', Tim and I had a great conversation about the 'State of the Union' regarding marriage, parenting, fatherhood, families, and community. We were joined by a studio audience made up of seasoned professionals - psychologists, writers, storytellers, business men and women, and parents, grandparents, and those who value family.

Tim is an absolute JOY, and brings a totally masculine (he's a real jock!) and sweet sense of humor to his writing and to every conversation I've enjoyed with him. I can't wait to share this new show with everyone next month. It looks like it may actually be TWO shows, since we taped well over 30 minutes and the producer, Diane Sparks, doesn't want to toss any of this awesome content.

While you're waiting for the show to air, be sure to read the book - Your going to want to buy extra copies to give to all the dads (and moms) you know.

Fair warning: You're going to laugh 'til you cry, and you're also going to shed a few tears because Tim really hits the 'heart' of being a parent, and what an important role this is to the sustainability of culture and humanity - no matter where we live on the planet .

You can watch the first show we did together about Childrens Literature and Literacy on YouTube:

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